No need to remind you how important music is. That's because it has the power to stimulate and support the highest human feelings. 

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
(1746 - 1827), Swiss educator and social reformer.

Music is the most perfect type of art. Never betrays its last secret.

Oscar Wilde
(1854-1900), Irish lyric poet, dramaturgist and playwright.

A singer is necessarily and a good musician.

Richard Wagner
(1813-1883), German composer.



Kostas Kazakos

Artistic Director of Municipal and Regional Theater of Patras

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Michael Seibel

Artistic Director of Opera Studio of Patras

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Latest news

Applications until August 19, 2016

The Opera Studio of the Municipal Theatre Patras invites Lyrical Singers to submit their application forms with the required supporting documents (see below) until Friday, August 19, 2016. The application forms can be submitted either electronically (by sending the necessary documentation with the application form to operastudiopatras@dipethepatras.gr), either in person at the secretariat (Mon-Thu 11: 00-16: 00) or by post mail (considering the date shown on the postmark) to the following address: Municipal Theatre Patras, Othonos Amalias 6 Patra, PC 26223, Greece.

"Dido and Aeneas" by Henry Purcell
Tragic opera in three acts

The Opera Studio of Patras (OSP) presents its first major production, the tragic opera by Henry Purcell "Dido and Aeneas "on Wednesday, April 13th at 21.00 at the Municipal Theater of Patras "Apollo", directed by Michael Seibel. The Stage Director notes: "With this lyrical tragedy revives the opera in Patras after 100 years of silence and absence. The connection to the ancient Greco-Roman culture and especially to the ancient tragedy, whose revival in the late 16th century led to the creation of a new music genre, opera, attempts the OSP with this choice. The libretto structure (Nahum Tate) with the inline choruses and the dramaturgical processing of the characters refers to ancient tragedy, and the music during the dialogues (recitative), the monody and the chorus songs confirm the efforts of humanist theorists of the 16th century to revive ancient tragedy. The staging of the play refers to a famous phrase of a verse of Virgil from his Elections (10,69): omnia vincit Amor, only that according to the librettist of the opera, it seems that not Eros but Evil triumphs over all: omnia vincit Malum. This latter phrase was the guide and basis of the staging conception and linked the tragic story of Dido and the fulfillment of the will of the gods for Aeneas to our current era, an era where Evil dominates everywhere, while the prevalence of Good is rather uncertain."



Performances from 13th to 17th April and from 20th to 24th April 2016

At Municipal Theater of Patras "Apollo"


Performances 15th and 16th July 2016

At Roman Odeon of Patras
Reservations-Information: 2610 273-613
Performances start at 21:30
Ticket prices:
General admission: 12 euros
Students: 8 euros
Unemployed-Disabled: 7 euros


Digital Performance Program

Performance Poster
Performance Trailer

Further Education of the Public / Audience

In our effort to bring Patras public closer to the magical world of opera, we have created a link to our website so as to educate the public/audience. Since opera as an artistic product is one of the most popular and yet one of the most complex achievements of the Western European culture with roots in ancient Greek tragedy, where music, theater, dance and scenography are incorporated in an harmonic way, we hope that this link will contribute to the education of the public/audience i.e. to its delight and cultivation. The currently posted texts aim to present in a simple and understandable way to the general public, the relationship between opera and the Greek culture and more specifically the Greek literature and mythology mainly in the early days of its evolution. Furthermore, a glossary has been compiled which explains to the website visitors in a simple way and always with audiovisual examples almost most of the issues that refer to the world of lyrical theater. The glossary is divided into three parts: The first part gives information about opera, drama and lyrical theater, acting and the role of the protagonist. The second part studies the types of opera in great detail, while the third part studies entries which relate to lyrical theater.

The hard times, wars, occupations, dictatorships, economic crises, terrorize people, demoralize them, disappoint and bring them to despair, life seems so unbearable and their home becomes a place of torment. Just like when the river gets rough and bellowing descends from above, drifting everything found on its way, and the muddy waters become silt and the man is afraid to penetrate and pass. 

Artists are unbelievable as Euripides says. They always go against the current. They climb to the springs, where the water is pure, crystal. This raises people's morale who get courage and withstand the torment of everyday life. They overcome fear. 

Patras artists, musicians, actors, directors and a number of their collaborators, defying the multitude of problems with self-denial and self-sacrifice, full of Dionysian excitement, are ready to resist with all their strength to this declivity of deterioration and to give with their work a message of optimism and uplift to our fellow citizens. 

This excitement has carried philhellenes along with it. As in revolutionary times.

The friend and collaborator Michael Seibel is German but chose, for 22 years, to live permanently in Greece. Trained Musician, Stage Director and Acting Teacher, took up in an enormous mood to organize and direct the OSP of Municipal and Regional Theater of Patras. OSP has opened its doors to young male and female singers, regardless of nationality who want a carrier in classical singing. 


Artistically, everything is fine! 

Kostas Kazakos

Dear friends of lyrical theater, 

welcome to the official website of the Opera Studio of Patras (OSP) of the Municipal and Regional Theater of Patras (MRTP), which contributes to the artistic education of singers and audience. 

Although opera is purely a creation of the musicians in Florence in the late 16th century, this brand new genre was born out of the study of classical antiquity which led to the search of the lost unity between music and speech. 

The contribution both of the ancient Greeks and Byzantines and then of the Western monks with the blossoming of  Liturgical Drama is invaluable for the birth of Opera. The current Municipal Theater of Patras "Apollo" was built in 1871 under the architectural designs of the Greek-German architect Ernst Moritz Theodor Ziller. Apollo Theater was inaugurated as a building for lyrical theater with the opera of G. Verdi " Un ballo in maschera" (' dance in costume'). The tradition of the opera is therefore closely connected to the construction of the building. 

As part of the educational OSP program, specialized and experienced artists as well as respected persons from the world of opera and of music and theater in general, will offer their knowledge and experience firstly to the young students of OSP but to the music-going audience of Patras as well with lectures and related posts on this website specifically designed for the general public. 

Alongside the artistic education of the students and the training of the audience, the OSP will ensure that a full orchestra will be established which will not only accompany the projects and the lyrical theater productions of OSP but also act autonomously giving concerts and taking part in other events. This means that the professional musical potential of Patras will evolve.
Thus the responsibility of each theater to initiate the young students at art will be taken over by the MRTP and through the educational and cultural activities of the OSP as its institutional department.
I wish to all members of OSP success in their work and to the spectators beautiful moments of entertainment in the future on stage events of OSP.

Yours faithfully
Michael Richard Seibel